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No Job Too Big Or Too Small

No job is too big or small, but logistics play a role in everything.

We do our best to combine “smaller” installations into “projects” to share travel costs.

Almost Airtight looks at every installation as an opportunity to provide our customers with the best aftermarket weather stripping and professional installation that will stop up to 98% of the energy loss around their doors and keep out all the elements. Almost airtight nylon brush seals provide your guests with added safety, security, and comfort.

In addition to energy savings, Almost Airtight nylon brush seals control or eliminate light bleed.

Provide nonchemical rodent and pest control, reducing sound transmission around the door perimeters. (90db rating)

This is particularly important for exterior properties near busy roads, airports, or other noise sources and interior properties to reduce corridor-to-room and room-to-room (connecting door) noise.

Years And Counting

Door Kits Installed And Counting

Typical Installations

Standard Door Kits

Standard door kit for your typical 3.0’ x 7.0’ door opening.

Sides & Tops – Clear Anodized Aluminum
Bottom Sweep/Seal – Clear Anodized Aluminum

Bronze Aluminum Frame Door Kit

3.0’ x 7.0’ opening

Bronze Aluminum Door frames with a ½” x 1/8” flange, 90 degrees off the frame and parallel to the door(sides/tops), called a “dust flap.”

This is a custom product specific to the design of the door.

Clear Aliminum Frame Door Kit

3.0’ x 7.0’ opening

Clear Aluminum Door frames with a ½” x 1/8” flange, 90 degrees off the frame and parallel to the door(sides/tops) called a “dust flap.”

This is a custom product specific to the design of the door.

Almost Airtight has been in business for over 43 years

We have installed our materials on literally tens of thousands of exterior and interior doors just like yours.

We are VERY GOOD at this! The best in the business!

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In summary, weatherstripping in motels improves energy efficiency, enhances guest comfort, reduces noise, helps with pest control, and contributes to the overall durability and maintenance of the building.

Weatherstripping is useful for motels for several reasons:

Energy efficiency

Almost Airtight Weatherstripping seals gaps and cracks around doors, preventing drafts and air leakage. This improves the energy efficiency of your rooms by reducing the amount of heat/air conditioning that escapes around your doors, keeping the outside elements out. It helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature, reducing the workload on P-TAC systems and lowering energy bills.

Noise reduction

Almost Airtight Weatherstripping also acts as a barrier against outdoor noise. It helps block sound transmission through gaps and cracks, reducing the noise entering guest rooms. This is particularly important for motels near busy roads, airports, or other noise sources.

Comfort for guests

By sealing gaps, weatherstripping helps to maintain a comfortable indoor environment for motel guests. It prevents cold drafts in winter and hot air infiltration in summer, enhancing guest comfort and satisfaction.

Pest control

Almost Airtight Weatherstripping helps to keep pests such as insects, rodents, and small animals from entering guest rooms. It seals off potential entry points, making it harder for pests to find their way inside the building.

Durability and maintenance

Almost Airtight Weatherstripping materials protect against air, dust, dirt, and other outdoor elements, helping to extend the lifespan of the P-TAC system and reducing maintenance costs.

Some of the Flags that are saving money every day.

Nothing seals as completely or permanently as Almost Airtight Nylon Brush Seals for energy conservation or non-chemical pest control!

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