Almost Airtight Residential Garage Trim


Mounts are Mill Finish Aluminum – paint to match your decor to complete a custom look.

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Keep the elements, critters and debris out of your garage with the Almost Airtight Garage Door Trim.

Customize your own project based on your garage type (single /double doors) by ordering trim by 8-foot lengths (Top/Side/Bottom Seals) to your specifications and required the brush length. Mounts are Mill Finish Aluminum – paint to match your decor to complete a custom look.

For example: an  average Single-Door garage door is: 8’w x 7’h – in this case you would need to order 4 – 8-foot sections. When ordering for a Double-Door garage, configure for a 16’w x 7’h area, in which case you will meed to order 10 – 8-foot sections. If you have questions please call us at 800-482-4587 for assistance.

How to Measure: Measure the space between the door and garage opening to determine your Brush Trim length – the space between the sides and bottom may vary, so order accordingly.

If other Trim Brush lengths are required to complete the job, you will need to return to the product page to order your other sizes.

Angled Mounting C45 Detail with the following Brush Trim lengths are available:

  • 1” Brush Trim
  • 1.25” Brush Trim
  • 1.50” Brush Trim
  • 1.75” Brush Trim
  • 2.0” Brush Trim


8′ Mounting Rails are only available in:

Mill Finish Aluminum (CLA)

Paint our mounting rails any color you wish to match or accent your decor.

Additional information

Weight 2.25 lbs
Dimensions 96 x 4 x 4 in


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