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Almost Airtight Nylon Brush Seals: A Permanent Replacement to Weatherstripping

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What is an Almost Airtight Brush Seal?
The Almost Airtight Brush Seal is a nylon bristled brush set in a rigid aluminum channel designed for specific applications. It can be quickly & easily mounted to the total perimeter of most any type or style of door.

Guaranteed for the life of your door*,
the Almost Airtight nylon Brush Seal is far superior to any other weather stripping on the market. It can cover a gap from 1/8 up to 6, providing an almost airtight seal (98%-99%) that will control or eliminate energy loss (heating and cooling) and keep out light, dirt, dust, sand, insects, and small rodents.

Who can use the Almost Airtight Brush Seal?

Anyone that has doors! Our product is easy to install and can be mounted on most all types and styles of doors. The bottom sweeps shown here, fit up to 36" wide doors, and seals up to a 3/4" gap. Custom size sweeps are also available. The Almost Airtight Brush sweep comes with the installation hardware and easy to follow
installation directions.


Almost Airtight Nylon Brush Seals are easy to install door seals that are great for residential use. Save on energy costs all year 'round and keep pests, dust, and light out with Almost Airtight!

  • According to accredited test data (ASHRAE): Each door costs you from $45.00 to $100.00 per year in heat loss alone, not to mention air conditioning at twice the price.

Almost Airtight Nylon Brush Seals are easy to install door seals that are great for commercial use. Our #1 commercial application for our nylon brush door seals are non-chemical rodent and pest control.

  • We're in thousands of businesses nationwide. Some of our clients include: Fortune 500 Companies, Nationwide Food Distribution Centers, Corporate Hotel Chains, Department Stores, Hospitals, Schools, Universities & more!


*Properly installed, our brush seals will outlast the door(s) originally installed on.


Almost Airtight Nylon Brush Seals are easy to install door seals. Great for both residential and commercial applications, Almost Airtight is a permanent weatherstripping that will control or eliminate energy loss (heating and cooling) drafts, dirt, dust, sand, snow, bugs, smoke, light and more! Great for home steel entry doors, screen doors, doorwalls, garage doors, shipping & receiving doors, freezer doors, dock levelers, rolling steel overhead doors, rail car doors, and aircraft hangar doors.

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